100% Natural - Organic Corn

Tito's Salsa Verde -       

 Verde is Seasonal!

No fat, Gluten Free

Handcrafted in small batches to control quality

100% Natural



  3   jars   $26.00

  6   jars   $37.00

12   jars   $60.00






Tortilla Chips Sesame Blue Corn

Made with organic corn. Non GMO verified, Gluten Free, 100% Natural, no presevatives. Vegan, Low sodium


  3 Bags    $12.00

  6 Bags    $22.00

12 Bags    $40.00 



          Tito's Salsa        3 Pack

Tito's Best Sellers



Mild, Medium, Hot



3 jars  $26.00




Titos Salsa   3 Pack


Tito's Salsa

16 Oz

Pineapple, Peach, Verde


3 jars  $26.00







Tito's Institutional Tortilla Chips Yellow Corn

Buy 6 ... 1 pound

bags of chips -

Yellow Corn Only




Tito's Institutional Tortilla Chips Tri-Color

Buy 6 ... 1 pound bag of chips - Tri-Color





Tito's Tortilla Chips       4 Pack

4 Pack of Tortilla Chips   $13.50


1 bag of Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

1 bag of Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips

1 bag of Blue Sesame Tortilla Chips

1 bag of White Corn Tortilla Chips





Tito's Steak Marinade 

  3 Jars      $15.00

  6 Jars      $30.00   




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"A Taste of Old Mexico"

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Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips

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